Strawberry Picking

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As a native New Yorker, I never imagined that I’d enjoy a Saturday morning strawberry picking over a morning at the mall.

When my husband (a born and bred Floridian) announced that he wanted to take me and the kids strawberry picking, I was less than enthused.

Knowing that this first trimester (for the third time) was kicking my butt, I decided to suck it up and be a good sport for him and the kids.

Since we hadn’t been to the field before, my husband and I made sure we got the kids and ourselves ready for an morning adventure. This gave us a couple of hours before the sun decided to really shine.

Once we parked, we were assigned a strawberry isle. Immediately, my husband and the kids started picking. I was pretty much there for supervision and to prevent one-year old son from eating dirt ?.


Before I knew it, I was in the dirt with them happily picking away. In the midst of my newfound comfort, I looked around to see other families with toddlers like us. It was like I found my tribe!


If you’re considering on making this a family outing during Satrawberry season (December-March) at your local Starawberry field, here are some tips that I picked up along the way…

Things to Remember:

Wear Sunscreen


Regardless of what time you arrive at the field, the FL sun is already out. Early rays and midday rays can still do damage over time. Protect yourself and your little ones by applying the sunscreen before you get to the field—even during the winter (December-February).

Wear Sneakers

Although the strawberries are practically edible once they’re picked, the field is riddle with helpful critters and dirt. Open shoes or sandals will definitely take away from the fun of the day.

Bring A Change of Clothes

If you’re anything like us, we rarely go straight home after an adventure. Therefore, make sure you pack an extra outfit for yourself and/or your little one(s) in your diaper/overnight bag, to change into when the fun is done.


I am so grateful that my husband loves to cook and experiment with food. If it weren’t for him, we would likely eat out way too much or starve.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this activity for you and your family.

It is was worth the dirt stained clothes and strawberry over-dose weeks later. ?

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