#FabFancyStyle : The Jumpsuit


As the weather heats up, it’s time to unearth some summer favorites to strut on the everyday runway!

Nothing says summer style more than a ready in one piece of clothing like a jumpsuit.

There’s always a question on what is considered “fashionable” vs “provocative” with such a uniform piece.

But don’t worry, this fearless mama has found 3 ways to wear a jumpsuit without coming off too provocative this summer–especially in FL ?.

If you decide to wear a jumpsuit, you can confidently wear it with…



This is probably one of my easiest and more common looks all year round because it is so easy to put together before heading out the door.

Also, I am only 5’2 so most jumpsuits run long on me. Without my heels, the cuff of my pant leg tends to drag on the ground.

My #FabFancyStyle advice is to know the brand before you purchase a jumpsuit. Personally, my favorite jumpsuit brands are Lulus and ASOS.

If you’re short like me, you may want to opt for the “petite” option of your desired jumpsuit to avoid having to wear heels with it every time.

Now don’t forget the accessories! It will look like you put a lot of thought into what you are wearing but I promise to keep your 5-minute secret ?.


…With a Jacket.


The easiest way to layer a jumpsuit is with a blazer or jacket.

I usually get cold anywhere with air conditioning so I tend to carry a blazer just in case the temperature is set to “subzero” ?.

Summers in FL don’t require a jacket but just in case you get the chills like me, a light blazer usually flatters your all-in-one look.


…With A Simple Belt.


Simplicity is best! Now that I am a #FabFancy #MommyOf3, I tend to minimize my accessories. This avoids the potential of one of my children yanking apart any items.

True story: Each one of my children has pulled apart a bracelet or necklace of mine. Imagine my horror as the beads to one of my favorite accessories scatters to oblivion. ?

No matter how you decide to style your jumpsuit, I hope this helps get your summer style jumpin‘ (pun intended! ?)


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